Helping the Inland Northwest's Most Vulnerable Since 1896


  • Marilee Roloff

    President & CEO

    Marilee Roloff has been with Volunteers of America more than 30 years. Her compassion, tenacity and expertise in community collaboration make her a powerful administrator who leads a daily charge to serve the most vulnerable people in our community. In addition to being the founder of the Crosswalk teen shelter, she is a respected community leader who has received multiple awards including recognition as a Chase Youth Commission Champion of Youth and recipient of the Children’s Alliance Voices for Children award, a Volunteers of America National Leadership award, EWU Alumni Achievement award and a YWCA Outstanding Achievement award. Contact Marilee at or 509.688.1102.

  • Bridget Cannon

    Director, Youth Services

    Bridget Cannon’s relationship with Volunteers of America began in 1994 when she signed up to be a volunteer at our Crosswalk teen shelter. What she experienced there convinced her to leave her 18-year career as a professional cook to dedicate herself to helping at-risk, homeless and runaway youth. In, 2008, After decade working at Crosswalk, Bridget became director of youth services for the agency. Bridget’s passion, clarity and humor quickly earn the trust and respect of each youth she serves. In addition to being a certified trainer in residential youth care, Bridget is a member of the Workforce Development Council Executive Youth Council and serves on the board of the Washington State Network for Youth. Contact Bridget at or 509.688.1120.

  • Jon Carollo

    Director, Adult Services

    Jon Carollo has been with Volunteers of America since 2008, beginning as a case manager. In 2010, he assumed the role of director of housing—which then consisted of oversight of just 16 permanent supportive apartments. Under Jon’s leadership our housing programs have grown to offer homes to more than 100 homeless and disabled adults each year. Jon also leads our programs for veterans. His work is infused with genuine compassion and a sincere desire to involve any community partner who can contribute to the well-being of our clients. He holds a master’s degree in social work and is a licensed independent clinical social worker. Contact Jon at or 509.688.1103.

  • Kay Murano

    Director, Development

    Kay Murano has been development director at Volunteers of America since 2012. Prior to working for Volunteers of America, Kay spent 8 years at Catholic Charities of Spokane as a grant writer, grant biller, accounting clerk, and administrative assistant. An expert solution finder, Kay works with all our programs to assess their financial needs and support them in pursuing creative routes to making things happen. Her expertise in grant writing, donor relations and fundraising helps her have a positive impact on each of our services every day. While she may not have direct contact with the people we serve, she is proud to make a difference in their lives through her work. Contact Kay at or 509.688.1104.

  • Lisa Vollert

    Director, Finance

    Lisa Vollert is a skilled accountant who has been with Volunteers of America since 2000. She has served as finance director since 2002. She is responsible for the administration and oversight of all organization finances, budgeting, financial reporting, human resources, and risk management. With an acute attention to detail and efficiency, Lisa works tirelessly to stretch our resources to reach as many people in need as possible—making her a crucial asset to our administrative team. Lisa serves on the board of the American Society of Women Accountants and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Eastern Washington University. Contact Lisa at or 509.688.1106.