• Helping the Most Vulnerable

    working to uplift all lives

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  • Serving Our Veteran Heroes

    We are committed to ending homelessness for local veterans.

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  • Not every American lives the American Dream

    help us ensure that everyone in our community has a place to call “home”

  • 11,400

    times a shelter bed was provided to a homeless woman with nowhere else to go

  • 250

    foster youth prepared to live successfully on their own after foster care

  • 800

    homeless and street-youth given opportunities they never could have imagined

  • 60

    medically-fragile homeless individuals given a safe place to recuperate

  • 300

    homeless women sheltered, respected and empowered

  • 2,250

    times a shelter bed was provided to keep a homeless teenager safe and warm

  • 200

    veterans whose lives we have helped improve