Preparing young families for success

Aston Bleck Apartments

Aston-Bleck Apartments offer transitional housing for homeless women (ages 18-21) and their children.

Young families may stay at one of five apartments scattered throughout Spokane for up to twenty-four months or until the mother turns 22.

Each young woman receives comprehensive case management during and after her stay at the apartments. The goal of the program is to provide young women with safe and affordable housing as they work toward self-sufficiency and greater independence.

The program is designed to help motivated young women who are interested in securing a healthy and stable future prepare to live successfully on their own by empowering them with new skills in the support of a community that includes:

  • access to prenatal and early childhood care 
  • birthday, holiday and baby shower celebrations 
  • employment readiness training 
  • group outings and activities 
  • medical, mental health and treatment referrals 

In order to live at the Aston-Bleck Apartments, residents are required to:

  • attend work and/or school 
  • participate in weekly parenting training and/or independent living classes 
  • pay 30% of their income toward rent and utilities 
  • remain drug and alcohol free 
  • work toward individual goals with a case manager 

When these young women are ready, they have the option to "transition in place," meaning they can take over the lease and stay in their apartment with their child(ren). We help them get set up on their own and continue to support them as they build their new lives with exit planning and aftercare that include: budget planning, crisis counseling, letters of referral, needs assessment and help finding permanent housing if needed.

Aston-Bleck Apartments | Address: 525 W 2nd Ave, Second Floor, Spokane, WA 99201 | Hours: mon-fri 9am-5pm
Phone: 509.624.2378
Fax: 509.624.2275