Home Depot Foundation improves home for veterans

Home Depot volunteers and $30,000 gift transforms two homes for vets

On Sept. 19th and 20th, 2012, more than 65 volunteers descended on our two homes for formerly homeless veterans—the Rest & Recoup house and Eagles’ Rest—for a two-day blitz to weatherize both houses and complete a variety of interior and exterior improvements. It was all made possible by a $30,000 Home Depot grant and hundreds of volunteer hours donated by Team Depot, The Home Depot® associate-led volunteer force.

The effort was part of The Home Depot® Foundation’s 2nd annual “Celebration of Service,” transforming the homes and lives of veterans across the country during the days between Sept. 11 and Veterans Day.

Improvements made possible by The Home Depot Foundation & Team Depot:



Rest & Recoup Improvements



Eagles’ Rest Improvements

  • Energy-efficient windows, doors and venting

  • Hot water heater

  • Deck steps repaired

  • Installed new carpeting

  • New dishwasher & microwave

  • Exterior lighting

  • Exterior and interior paint

  • New lighting, storage and work space in garage

  • Storage shelves in garage

  • Storage furniture for bedrooms and garage

  • New dry wall, tile and paint in bathroom

  • Tools donated to garage


  • Energy-efficient windows and doors

  • New window treatments

  • Interior paint throughout house

  • Created new office space

  • Donated new computers, desks, lamps and chairs

  • Exterior lighting

  • New mailbox

  • New storm door

  • Storage system in downstairs closet




“It's amazing how much better the place looks!” says Jon Carollo, director of our programs for veterans. “By the time the volunteers were done, it literally looked like a brand new house. Everyone went above and beyond. When they completed the work earlier than planned, they announced they were going to paint the house! A supervisor from the Home Depot paint department took color samples and brought back matching paint. Next thing I know, they’ve painted the entire exterior of the house and trim.”

The work completed will benefit roughly 36 veterans each year by providing a safe, comfortable transitional house where veterans can identify and address their barriers to health, permanent housing and independence.

“The enthusiasm of the group was wonderful,” continues Carollo. “It was an amazing event. We just can’t say enough what a tremendous gift to the veterans this effort was!”

Thank you to The Home Depot Foundation & Team Depot!

Serving Our Veteran Heroes

Throughout the Spokane area, Volunteers of America serves more than 130 veterans each year by providing housing and support services that help formerly homeless and incarcerated veterans get their lives back on track.  Nationally, Volunteers of America serves over 7,500 homeless veterans through 37 programs in 18 states.

In April 2011, The Home Depot® Foundation announced a pledge of $30 million over three years to address veterans’ housing issues.  This includes a three-year partnership with Volunteers of America nationwide, including a $1.8 million commitment to repair and rehab properties where veterans and their families live. 

Locally, as a part of The Home Depot® Foundation’s “Celebration of Service” initiative, Volunteers of America has received $30,000 in Home Depot® grants to support projects at our two homes for chronically homeless veterans.