College Scholarships


Education changes lives.

But for kids whose secondary education has been disrupted by homelessness getting to college is not easy.

Our scholarship programs provide opportunities for homeless or formerly homeless high school graduates and GED recipients to build emotional, financial and social security through attending college. Scholarships are given to young people at Crosswalk who are motivated to attend college. This may be the only encouragement they receive—so we make sure each student gets just exactly the right help in the right amount.

Our scholarship programs not only offer financial assistance, they also offer crucial support in less tangible ways. Crosswalk scholars:

  • become powerful role models for peers, siblings and even parents
  • build confidence and pride
  • develop new social skills
  • experience the rewards of hard work
  • form new support systems and positive friendships
  • learn time-management strategies
  • model growth and achievement for their children
  • set and achieve personal goals
  • solidify an identity as a intelligent, motivated, successful adult


These kids also build a foundation for all Crosswalk kids to understand that college is within their reach, developing a new culture that includes college as a realistic expectation for a population that never before considered college a possibility.

your gift will

help a homeless teen become a college graduate

For more information to apply or learn more about our youth scholarship program
Phone: 509.624.2378 ext.112