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Rapid Rehousing

We work hard to end homelessness in Spokane. But we also work to prevent it in the first place.

For low-income individuals and families, a sudden change in income (whether from economic changes, health problems and/or medical bills or job loss) can mean being suddenly on the brink of homelessness. But we know that just a little assistance can keep an individual or family from becoming homeless.

That’s why our Rapid Rehousing program, in collaboration with other local groups dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness in Spokane, reaches out to help individuals and families before they end up living in a car, "couch surfing" or utilizing a shelter.

How does Rapid Rehousing help?
This program offers temporary assistance to individuals and households who have lost a job or experienced a major illness or have otherwise had a sudden loss of income. We prevent homelessness by offering short-term assistance to either keep applicants in their current housing or help them rapidly finding stable housing with services including:

  • Rental assistance
  • Utility deposits & payments
  • Housing relocation/moving costs
  • Motel vouchers (30 days)
  • Suitable housing search
  • Other support services*

* Rapid-Rehousing is not a poverty-abatement program, and program funds cannot be used for mortgage payments.

For more information please contact
Phone: 509.328.4685
Fax: 509.624.2275