I Remember Mama 2018

Celebrating the mothers in our lives and remembering those who have gone before us.

There's still time to donate to I Remember Mama!


The following individuals have had donations received for our annual I Remember Mama event in their memory:

Anele Belonis

Bertha Schultz

Bettie Bundy

Betty Yuhasz

Bob & Juanita Johnson

Carlisle T. Barry

Clara Ohleiser

Doreen Pohl

Dr. Loretta Marie Mariel

Eleanora Gooley

Elin Coughlan

Elise Conroy

Elise Hambright

Elizabeth Cannon

Elizabeth O'Leary

Ellen Ann Madison

Elynor Carney

Emma Black

Ethel Cummings

Florence Timmann

Ginny Reed

Glo & Angie & Deanne

Harriet Nestegard

Helen Moser

Irene Balum

Irene Robinson

Isabel (Izzy) Gendusa

Jo Bowen

Katherine Macdonald

Kay Ormsby

Lillian McKinlay

Louise Harbison

Margaret Tomaja

Margaret Zimmerman

Marie Hood

Marjane Krupke

Mary Burke

Mary Margaret Schultz

Mary Riddle

Merle Wehmhoff

Mila Allen

Mildred Murphy

My Mother Beverly

Nola Carollo

Pat Kinney

Pat Sauer

Patricia "Granny Pat" Hawley

Pauline Bates

Pauline Singer

Polly E Burke

Rita Brown

Rosalie Forni

Ruthie Harshman

Shirley Earley

Shirley Phipps

Sister Laura Michels

Stella Graham

Thelma Malone

Vera Johnson

Virginia Seitz