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We believe in the power of housing as the foundation for life.

That's why we're working to move every chronically-homeless person in Spokane into long-term housing by 2019.

Shelter is one of the most basic human needs—it’s hard to build any kind of independence without a good foundation. And, for many chronically homeless adults, serious mental-illness and addiction make qualifying for and staying in housing almost impossible. 

That is why we are embarking on an important collaboration with Catholic Charities to build 500 “Housing First” apartments in Spokane over the next five years. 

These new “Housing First” apartment complexes are unique in that they put homeless adults into safe, stable, permanent housing as fast as possible and then tackle their problems—a revolutionary approach to eradicating homelessness that has proven highly successful in cities across the country.

These are permanent homes, where residents can stay for as long as needed. Case managers provide one-on-one support and encouragement to residents as they learn to manage their medical and mental-health care, finances, education, employment and other important components of a stable and independent life.

Stay tuned for details as the project develops. In the meantime, watch the construction in real time or 
learn what the local media has to say about the undertaking:

  • Agencies collaborate to build housing for chronically homeless

    With federal and state tax credit project support for Housing First for chronically homeless people, Catholic Charities of Spokane and Volunteers of America of the Inland Northwest are collaborating to build two neighboring 50-unit permanent supportive housing facilities on the 200 block of East Second Ave. in Spokane...

    The Fig Tree
  • Housing First approach puts stable shelter at top of the list

    Spokane is about to undergo a major expansion of Housing First projects. Catholic Charities will break ground on another 50-unit housing project this spring – right next door to a similar project by Volunteers of America. And those are just the first of several projects... “Our goal is by 2019 we will have a unit for every chronically homeless person in Spokane.”...

    The Spokesman-Review
  • Spokane experiments with Housing First programs

    With the help of the VOA and Catholic Charities, the city and county hope to move every chronically homeless person into long-term housing by 2019. "The goal is to literally house all the homeless people in Spokane County. They'll build one a year until there's enough permanent housing to house everyone," says Catholic Charities Social...

    The Inlander
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