How to Throw a Mardi Bras Party

Mardi Bras Party Host 101

There are more than 1,800 homeless women living in Spokane each day. Meeting their basic needs can be a struggle for Hope House and the Women’s Hearth. Imagine not having access to bras, underwear and personal hygiene items due to poverty and homelessness. Physiology and biology are facts of life – women shouldn’t be punished because of it. You can help! Celebrate Fat Tuesday, February 13, 2018 by hosting a Mardi Bras Party and collect monetary donations, bras, underwear, pads, tampons and bus passes.

#1: Complete Our 3rd Party Fundraising Form

The official form to host a party can be found at:

#2 Invite your friends

Have a party at home, rent a room, or plan on attending one of our events. The ideas are endless! There are 1,800 homeless women, so let’s get 1,800 women to participate!

#3 Introduce Your Friends

Not just to each other, but to our mission! Information about the Women’s
Hearth and Hope House is on the back of this sheet. You can also schedule a tour for your donation drop-off and bring some friends, or ask a staff member to attend your event.

#4 Send a Reminder

Send an electronic save the date card, call, email, make a Facebook event and
post some updates. Remind your friends about your event 72 hours in advance.

#5 Keep a List

Record the names of your guests and friends who said they would like more
information about Mardi Bras, Hope House or the Women’s Hearth. We will send them a thank you note for their gift and some information about our life-saving programs.

#5 Set Up

Make it festive! A paper-mache bra you need to fill before the end of the night, feather masks and boas, strings of beads, door prizes made out of high heels you don’t wear anymore. The sky’s the limit! Don’t forget a bin for donations.

#5 Take Pictures

Post them on social media like our our Facebook Page or email it to us! Use the hashtags #spokanemardibras or #throwapartymakeadifference.

#6 Drop Off

Drop off your donations at 525 W 2nd Avenue, VOA's administrative office and the location of their Crosswalk Youth Shelter. You can also call the Mardi Bras team at 509-688-1117 and schedule a site tour or visit. Don't forget to include the names of your guests and donors and any ideas you have to make Mardi Bras even better in 2019. Donation deadline February 28.

#7 Thank You and Your Guests

We can’t end poverty and homelessness for women alone and you can’t have a fabulous party without your friends. If you submit your guests’ information they will receive an official Mardi Bras thank you from Volunteers of America and Transitions.

Can’t party? Donate online: