I Remember Mama

Each year on Mother's Day, Volunteers of America hosts I Remember Mama, a tribute luncheon for more than 100 senior women living in low-income housing who would otherwise spend the day alone.

With the help of several local restaurants and our dedicated volunteers, VOA will be delivering a special meal and gifts to the women who would have normally joined us on Mother's Day for lunch. 

Your donation of $35 covers the cost of one Mama's lunch prepared by local chef Tony Brown from Eyvind! 

You can also give a gift in honor of a special lady in your own life and VOA will send her a Mother's Day Card recognizing your gift in her name. 

Our 2021 'I Remember Mama' Sponsors

Gifts Made in Memory and in Honor of

Dorothy Johnson, Tib Johnson, Jeannie Kaufman, Mavis Smith, Sabrina Nikkola, Marge Rice, Grace Lubbess, Donna Roloff, Sally Slippern, Pauline Stoep, Jacqueline Moots, Kelly Fay Vaughn, Donna Krunnies, Betty Stebbins, Della Conger, Elizabeth Cannon, Evelyn De Simone (Nanny), Ella Ramsey, Colleen Mahoney, Jutta Z. Buder, Causna Albin, Sister Florence Poch, Marilee Roloff, Rita Beaulieu, Bettie Snoey, Audrey Wagner, Gail Jantz, Liz Risley, Lynne deLaubenfels, Joann Stoltz, Kim Hansen, Mary E. Bergen, Carole Farley Ridley, Kathy Kennedy, Mildred Pete, Elizabeth O'Neil, Marianne Connelly, Leslie, Kirsten De Simone

For more information about this event or to volunteer, please contact our events team
Phone: 509.688.1117