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Find the Right Volunteer Opportunity

When it comes to finding the perfect volunteer experience, starting with a clear picture of your needs and expectations can make all the difference—both for you and for those you serve. Here are five basic questions to help you get started:

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Who do you want to help?

There are certain issues that really light you up, get you talking and make you want to take action—often, that's the best place to start. Maybe you are particularly passionate about kids or want to make a difference in the lives of veterans or domestic violence victims.

What kind of work do you prefer?

One volunteer might feel more comfortable planting a garden or using a paintbrush than another who might prefer building a database or lending accounting expertise. Would you rather work indoors or outdoors, alone or with a team, directly with those in need or behind the scenes? Is there anything you absolutely don't want to do? Maybe there is an activity you have always wanted to try or an area where you can lend years of expertise.

When are you available?

You will be happiest in your volunteer role if you take a moment to really look at your schedule before making a commitment. Your schedule and interests may be better suited to a one-time project than to an ongoing project with a weekly or monthly commitment. You may want to participate in something you can join last minute or a position where you can stay for long enough to learn and grow over time.

Where would you like to serve?

Maybe you need to volunteer at a site with access to your bus route or with good wheelchair accessibility. One person might prefer to volunteer downtown, another in north Spokane and another in Coeur d'Alene. Getting the right fit means finding just the right spot.

Why do you want to volunteer?

Some volunteers just want to make a difference in their community. But many also want to build their résumé or do some networking. Thinking about your personal an professional goals before you choose a position can help us make sure you get everything you need from your volunteer experience.

For more help finding the right volunteer opportunity explore our current openings or contact our volunteer coordinator
Phone: 509.624.2378 ext. 111