Crosswalk Teen Shelter

take a moment to walk in the shoes of a homeless teen in Spoakne 

Founded in 1985, Crosswalk is an emergency shelter, a school drop-out prevention program, and a group of lifesaving and life-changing programs dedicated to breaking the cycle of youth homelessness. In an average year, Crosswalk serves more than 1,000 youth. Emergency shelter is available 365 days a year and all services are free and voluntary.

Most Crosswalk kids (ages 13-17) have complicated personal histories that include:

  • family conflict
  • lack of education
  • substance abuse
  • mental health issues
  • high risk for depression and suicide
    (for immediate help visit Youth Suicide Prevention Program or the Trevor Project, which serves LGTBQ youth)
  • sexual abuse or rape
  • parental substance abuse

Crosswalk restores hope and encourages personal responsibility among homeless youth, including those who eventually return to their families, by providing:

  • family reconciliation services
  • clothing, showers and personal hygiene products
  • employment-readiness program and job-placement assistance
  • independent living training including life-skills and self-sufficiency classes
  • attachment and bonding classes for young mother and fathers
  • medical and mental-health care
  • school drop-out prevention program
  • substance-abuse treatment and prevention
  • tutoring and enrichment activities
  • college scholarship opportunities (donor funded)
  • transportation 
  • access to our transitional housing programs

Run by a small professional staff, Crosswalk relies heavily on the generosity of churches, service clubs, families and businesses who provide daily meals as well as community volunteers who provide tutoring and enrichment activities and donors who provide financial support, in-kind services and scholarship funds.

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Location: 525 W Second Ave
Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Phone: 509.838.6596
Fax: 509.624.2275